Yampa Valley River

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Historical Overview: In 1843 the name originated from the Snake Indians and derived from a plant called Perideridia that was abundant in the water of the river.

Characteristics: The Yampa River fills with snowmelt after each winter making it a refreshing body of water to jump into on a hot summer day. It flows for a total distance of 270 miles throughout the northwest parts of Colorado and is primarily located in Steamboat Springs. Towards the end of the river, it joins with the Green River, making it the largest free-flowing and unimpeded river in Colorado.

Main Attractions: To date, many locals and visitors travel to this river to paddle board, boat, tube, fish, kayak, raft, canoe, and more. The town of Steamboat also hosts an annual River Festival to raise awareness to help protect this massive and historical river by offering numerous fun and family-friendly activities as well as food and drinks to go along with it.