Why Your Client Should Rent Their Secondary Home

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Are you working with a client that is looking to purchase a secondary home? If so, informing them about their revenue potential by creating that home into an investment property will not only make you appear more knowledgeable and helpful in the eyes of your client, they’ll also thank you when they’re making over $100,000 in rental revenue.

By encouraging your clients to list their home as a vacation rental opens numerous doors for them and you! While you clients can make money while they sleep in their primary home, so can you. When you refer a client to use our vacation rental management services we’ll send you a generous referral bonus as a thank you. 

Investment Property Benefits

  1. Short term rentals equal a great earning potential
  2. Rental flexibility and choosing when you want to stay
  3. Numerous deductions and tax breaks
  4. Increased home value
  5. On-site staff to assist with upkeep

Why Choose Nomadness Rentals?

  1. Best reviews in the industry
  2. Highest rental revenue opportunity
  3. Customized management packages
  4. 24/7 support and customer services
  5. Reservation transparency

Learn More

Want to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your client? Contact our Director of Business Development to learn about our referral program and bonus checks as well as how we act as a third party resource to your client to achieve a smooth and informative transaction. 

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Mike Lichtenfeld – Direct of Business Development

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We offer vacation rental management services in 

Orange County CA, Mammoth Lakes CA, and Steamboat Springs, CO 

Not sure if the home will qualify as a vacation rental? Inquiry with us today and we’ll provide you with a FREE rental projection that you can give directly to your clients and use a marketing tool to help you sell the home!