What Vacation Rentals Agency Need To Know About Millennials

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Considering upgrading your vacation rental or purchasing one for the first time? You’ll want to know what’s in store for the 2019 vacation rental trends. As you all know, the millennial generation started out opting for rentals that where unique, small, affordable, and a close proximity to nightlife. As the years have carried on, this generation continued to evolve as would any other. The millenials are now reaching a point of “maturity” and are looking for things that fall under the category of “family-oriented.” One of which is vacation rentals. The majority of this generation is no longer traveling alone or with only a couple of “college buddies” They’re traveling with their families and are looking for something more than just a one bedroom condo that they can cram all their friends into. As Forbs quoted, “Big is the biggest travel trend for 2019.” Millennial families are now opting for large luxury homes that have space for everyone. You might be wondering “Why big and expensive when the market is projected to turn in the coming year?” The answer is, “Big” will always be around and will always have a need. The expense aspect of a large home won’t stop millennials. With their creative approaches throughout the years, sharing the cost with another family is always an option…more the marry right! To keep it plain and simple, bigger is better for 2019.  If you’re interested in owning a vacation rental and want to know more about our different management programs click the links below.