The New Nomadness Rentals App

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Attention all iPhone and Android Users: Nomadness Rentals has a seamless app for mobile booking!

Nomadness Rentals has an app to make booking your dream vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO or Mammoth Lakes, CA easier! In just a few clicks, you can save your favorite properties and book your next trip! With the features on the Nomadness app, you can search by criteria to narrow down your options based on dates, number of people, budget, and desired amenities to find the perfect Nomadness rental property for you.

Nomadness Rentals Mobile App Features

From searching for your ideal rental property in Steamboat Springs or Mammoth Lakes at your fingertips to applying the best discounts with the click of a button, the new Nomadness Rentals app is sure to make booking your next vacation a breeze! Check out some of our favorite features:

  • The interface is user-friendly. The app is very easy to use —simply, select the check-in and check-out dates for your trip and desired amenities to see available properties. You can save your favorite properties, book multiple ways, and receive check-in codes directly to your phone. The Nomadness Rentals app provides easy accessibility to your vacation rental information. No need to worry about having a WIFI connection or your computer easily accessible to view information regarding your vacation rental.
  • The app is budget-conscious. You can search available properties by adjusting the nightly price range you are looking for. From the homepage, you can see all the available discounts for Mammoth Lakes and Steamboat Springs. Click on each discount for the checkout code and more information on the offer. Don’t worry about forgetting to apply a discount — a reminder will pop up at checkout to apply a discount.
  • You can search for exactly what you need from your vacation rental. Find your home away from home through searchable amenities! When searching for properties, you can select the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms; property amenities, such as pet-friendly, pool, spa, and much more; and property location, such as ski-in/ski-out, near gondola, and near village. From there, our app will show you the available properties based on your search criteria.

Our dedicated team of developers is working hard to improve the app every day and roll out new, exciting features to help you experience a no-madness booking process and vacation! Soon, you will also be able to save your favorite properties to revisit at a later date, view weather and road conditions to determine the best form of travel, and even explore local events and activities without having to leave the app!

Download the Nomadness Rentals App Today!

The Nomadness Rentals app is available for both iPhone and Android users! Download the app from your device to begin planning your next dream trip to Steamboat Springs, CO or Mammoth Lakes, CA. With these amazing app features, you will be able to find multiple properties that catch your eye and match your budget and desired amenities!

To download on IOS, click HERE.

To download on Android, click HERE.