The Healthiest Rural Community In The Nation

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Whether you’re a local or an avid visitor, Steamboat Springs, Colorado is home to many. It’s beautiful scenic routes, charming town, mountains and pastures filled with vibrant colors each and every season, and snow unlike anywhere else. No wonder why the locals call it “Champaign Powder.” This magical place goes beyond just its natural beauty.On October 23, 2018, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Routt County was ranked the 8th healthiest high preforming rural communities. U.S. News and World Report health rankings determined their score based off of a series of the following evaluated categories; population, health, equity, education, economy, housing, food, nutrition, environment, public safety, community vitality, and infrastructure.This information was collected from over 3,000 counties and out of the 25 high preforming rural communities that where picked, 9 of them where located in Colorado. Not only did Steamboat Springs, Colorado receive this outstanding and incredible recognition, they have also received various others over the years.In 2017 they where ranked the 4th healthiest county in Colorado, each year ranking higher and higher. Also, in 2013 The Center For Disease Control and Prevention recognized Routt County as the fittest county in Colorado, which happened to be rank the fittest state int he U.S.As Steamboat Springs, Colorado Routt County was ranked high in this prestigious category, they are still working hard every day to make improvements on their town not only to increase their score for the following year, but to make their community a better place for their locals and visitors.Now, who wouldn’t want to travel to a place that is not only stunning with its natural beauty, has events and activities for all ages and athletics skill levels. It’s also a place that takes pride in there community and their tourism. Come see for yourself the what Steamboat Springs, Colorado bestows, we promise you, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be coming back for more. To book your Colorado vacation CLICK HERE to stay with Nomadness Rentals. Plus, save up to 15% OFF your nightly rental rate when you CLICK HERE today!