Stay Ahead Of The Trends

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Here are the top 5 vacation rental trends you should know for the 2020 rental year. Stay up to date and get ahead of the curve so you can profit double what everyone else is making.

1. Offering Eco-Friendly Options: The millennial travelers (the majority of renters) are passionate about preserving the environment. By creating eco-friendly options this gears your vacation rental to those who will be renting it most often. State and show that you offer eco-friendly products, low flush toilets, recycling options, LED light bulbs, etc.

2. Provide Easy Of Technology: As you know, the millennial generation is know the majority of our renters, thus they find technology and connectivity and necessity. Providing a digital guestbook and offering a non-personal interaction check-in is best when trying to please to this age bracket.

3. Knowing Your Competition: The vacation rental industry has continued to grow year after year specifically 7% until the year 2021. and small companies are starting to become major corporations. Be one of the top dogs by making sure you’re adding value to your guests stays and booking process as well as creating a personalized feel for your customers.

4. Brand Your Content: As stated above, more and more rental agencies are popping up. Make yourself known by branding your content and standing out of the crowd. Make sure your logo is on every promotional item you display, make sure what you offer is clear and to the point, keep your website up to date, use consistent colors, and go the extra mile for your guests.

5. Mobile-Friendly Everything: Today’s travelers to go anywhere without a tablet, laptop, or cellphone in their hands. With that said providing easy to read check-in instruction from a mobile device as well as a digital guestbook, or guidebook can go along way.

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