Snow Storms In September!

As some of you may have already seen, California, Nevada, and Utah have experienced their first snow dusting of the season although some may say 2 feet is more than just a "dusting." Plus, whats to come will be sure to excite you!

Stated by OpenSnow, another storm is expedited to bring snow to the Rocky Mountains around by the first or second weekend of October. As you can see from the images below it shows snow falling over a large area of the northern rocky mountains as well as to Washington, Montana, Idaho, California, Wyoming and Utah.

In addition to this snow report, it is predicted that it will last more than one day with an additional 3 - 10 inches starting on Sunday, Sep 29, 2019. Also, storms from Canada will move along to Wyoming and Colorado.

From October 3rd - 6th, 2019 locals and visitors should expect to witness snowfall of 6 - 12 inches, so grab your snow boots and gear and get ready for an early winter wonderland vacation!

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