Nomadness Rentals Offers HUGE Black Friday Special!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

To most shoppers "Black Friday" means big sales at local retail shops. Although, this year Nomadness Rentals is changing the stereotypical name of this post-Thanksgiving holiday around and better for those travel junkies.

If you're looking for the ultimate Black Friday sale, make sure you go to the day of Black Friday (November 29th, 2019) to save huge on winter travel!

Nomadness Rentals is now running a promotion for $100 - $125 OFF any vacation rental of your choice. You can simply take advantage of this by using their code: WHITEOUT when booking your reservation online.

If you chose to book your reservation on Nomadness Rentals, you'll receive $100 OFF. Although, if you decide to book your stay at one of Nomadness Rentals sister website such as or you can save $125 OFF just by using the code: WHITEOUT on the day of Black Friday! Don't miss out on this once a year sale event as it will ONLY last ONE DAY.

For all Nomadness Rentals homeowners, this is a great opportunity for you and your property to receive extra exposure for the holidays without the $100 - $125 coming out of your pocket. Nomadness Rentals will be heavily promoting this special and release the discount page the day of Black Friday. This sale will only last one day and will not be extended. Let the fun of Black Friday shoppers begin, see the reservations flood in, and don't pay a dime!

Book Your Vacation Today & Save Big!

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