Chance Of Snow, This Week!

We're currently entering the fall season although from the looks of it, we might be entering the winter season sooner than you think.

Published by It is expected that this week... September 8th - 12th, 2019 high elevation mountain towns might see the first sign of a snowy El Nino winter season. CLICK HERE to view transportation methods when traveling to the mountains.

Weather forecasters are starting to see colder storms that are rolling through North America, and Western mountains will see some snow this week. To see the most current road conditions CLICK HERE.

Forecast - Sunday 9/8 – Thursday 9/12

Two storms are predicted to hit the northwest this week one on Sunday through Monday and the second on Wednesday, with temperatures cold enough for snow to fall down 10,000 feet and possibly even lower elevations. Snow accumulation is expected in the following locations; Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Canada, Montana, and Idaho.

Stay tuned to to stay updated on the most current weather forecast for the 2019/2020 winter season. CLICK HERE to book your winter vacation and save 35% OFF.

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