How To Choose The Right Management Company To Refer To Your Client

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If your client is interested in purchasing a vacation home and doesn’t know where to start, go through these 5 checkpoints to determine the best management company for them and their home. Plus, feel confident with who you refer!

  1. Reviews: Good reviews mean everything

Everyone knows about Google and Yelp reviews, but do you also refer back to those resources? At times, a company may have a beautiful online presence so you might not even take the time to look at their reviews. This is a must to really understand the truth of what goes on behind the curtains from both the renter and homeowner perspectives.

Nomadness Results: Over 200+ 5-star Google and Yelp reviews.

  1. Quality over Quantity: High property portfolio, doesn’t mean high quality

There are certain companies in this industry that boast about how many properties they obtain in their portfolio and that becomes their selling point. Unfortunately, while a multiple property portfolio may show experience, most of the time it can lack quality. When most companies acquire more properties, their quality starts to deteriorate and falls into a corporate structure with declining customer support.

Nomadness Results: As we grow we ensure we provide a family touch with global exposure.

  1. You Get What You Pay For: Discounted management rates

Yes, if you’re able to save on your management rates that’s great although most times, when a discounted management fee is offered, it tends to lead to a lack of quality, less services, and possible small fees tacked on at a later point. It’s important to ensure you’re getting your bang for your buck while confirming they will provide all the services you need and want.

Nomadness Results: Offering the best rates in the industry with impeccable services.

  1. Core Values: What are the values and goals behind the company

Just like your friends and family, we all have intentials, goals, and core values that we live and work by. It’s the same for a company. When you work with a company who has your best interest in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to trust them and work with them long term.

Nomadness Results: We treat you as our family and your home as if it was our own.

  1. Reputation: Where does the company stand with locals and vendors

Similarly to making certain the company has good reviews, it’s also important to see how the stand in the community, with locals, vendors, etc. This is crucial to find out because travelers may say one thing, but the locals and people who use the brand’s services often will really tell you how it is and how ethically and professionally the company is run.

Nomadness Results: Ask your local realtor what they think about Nomadness.

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