Hotels, Rentals, and Rates During the Pandemic

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In an article from TravelPulse, we learned that, despite the pandemic, 54% of Americans have stayed in a hotel or vacation rental since March 2020. A study surveyed over 1,000 people in a sample-group to represent the country at large, discovering that 70% of Gen X-ers had already stayed in a rental since the pandemic began. In comparison, 50% of Millennials and 8% of Baby Boomers had stayed in rentals.

Rentals vs. Hotels

There are likely multiple factors to the statistics, including financial stability and overall risk of infection based on age, but just like rates of renting, perception about which form of accommodation is safest (hotels vs. rentals) seems to differ based on generation. Although, the article says that “folks of all ages are making reservations.”

Baby Boomers, who are renting at the lowest rate, believe hotels to be the right option. However, Gen-Xers and Millennials both believe home rental services like Nomadness Rentals are the safer choice. Most attribute this to the fact that private vacation rentals require less interaction with people outside your group, including concierges, waiters, and cleaning staff. Others said the safety factor was somewhat relative based on the remoteness of the location you were renting in. Finally, a quarter of people said it was safer because short-term rentals are much cleaner than hotel rooms, and they appreciate that they could speak directly with their host to discuss cleanliness and standards for disinfection.

Nomadness Standards

If you choose to rent with Nomadness Rentals and stay in either Mammoth Lakes, CA or Steamboat Springs, CO this winter, you can trust that our properties are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After a guest stays at one of our properties, the place gets the works when it comes to sanitization.

You’re also able to rent individual units, which allows you to avoid anyone outside your traveling group. Contact-free check-in is standard, allowing us to communicate virtually — online or over the phone — before and during your trip to make sure everything is satisfactory. We would never put any of our guests at risk by requiring any in-person interactions. One last benefit to renting with us is the inclusion of a full kitchen, which removes the need to eat out and come in contact with other people.

Ultimately, the choice to travel or not to travel, to rent or not to rent, is up to you. We want you to be informed, aware, and up-to-date on national trends and our own safety and cleanliness policies. If you have any questions or need reassurance, feel free to inquire on our contact page. You could also give us a call at (818) 883-2488 or (888) 472-5777.

If you still have concerns or hesitations about the safety of travel and whether or not your purchase will be protected, we have you covered. Explore more details about CFAR insurance on our site.