Holidays with Nomadness Rentals

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The Holidays are right around the corner! While a lot may seem uncertain, and some traditions may need to change, Nomadness Rentals is here to make your vacation dreams come true (and run smoothly!). If you want to travel for the holiday season, we can help you book a place in Mammoth Lakes, CA or Steamboat Springs, CO.

On the fence about whether you’d like to stay at a hotel or rent a property like one of ours? Here’s what you can expect when you stay with us:

Hotel vs. Rental Property

In a world before COVID-19, there was plenty of ongoing debate among travelers about the best place to stay when away from home — hotel or rental home? Now, when hygiene and social distancing have both become selling points, there is a clear-cut winner to the argument. Rentals are the best way to go for several reasons.

  • First, you are given the option to rent individual units, allowing you to steer clear of people outside your own group. If you were to stay at a hotel, there’s a much better chance of bumping into people in the lobby, on the elevator, or in the hallways.
  • With our rental properties, contact-free check-in is standard. We can communicate online and over the phone to make sure everything goes as planned and you have everything you need, but we won’t put you at risk by enforcing any in-person interactions with property managers.
  • We take our cleaning and disinfecting process very seriously, so after a guest stays at one of our properties, the whole place gets a proper scrub-down. You and your family will feel comfortable enough to settle in knowing that every inch of your living space has been sanitized.
  • Finally, when you book a rental, you reap the benefits of a full kitchen. We completely understand the desire to travel for the holidays, but doing so doesn’t mean you need to plan to go out to dinner every night. Plus, of course, there’s the irritation of wearing a mask. With Nomadness, you have an entire kitchen to cook meals in, removing yet another reason to leave the safety and comfort of your holiday getaway.

Rent with Nomadness

The Nomadness formula for success is simple: we love what we do and we do it well. When you stay with us, you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends without Coronavirus-related anxiety hanging over you. We’ve been on the stressful side of vacation-planning before, and we promise, you won’t find that here. This fall and winter, our properties in Steamboat Springs and Mammoth Lakes will be looking as beautiful as ever, so why not book an idyllic holiday stay?