All New Reward Program – More Travel, More Savings!

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It’s needless to say that everyone likes to save money when they travel, or at least receive some kind of perk when booking their vacation with a business.

Nomadness Rentals will soon be bringing to you their one of kind reward program! Offering renters the ability create their own guest login, save their favorite vacation rentals, see the trips the booked in the past, view their upcoming vacations of last but not least… collect rewards!

Now, I can’t spill out all of the details on what the rewards will be but I can say that each time you book a reservation with Nomadness Rentals, Steamboat Rental By Owner, and or Mammoth Rental By Owner, you will collect points which leads to epic rewards which leads to huge savings thus more vacations!

For homeowners that participate in this reward program, this will bring you extra exposure to your property unlike anything other type of marketing campaign. Not only do you get the additional addition on your listing, but customers are most inclined to book your rental time and time again with the Nomadness Rental Reward Program.

Why else are reward program beneficial to vacation rental homeowners? First and foremost, the new generation that is taking over the travel industry consists of Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen X. An article published by Explor!e states that these generations expect companies that they continually purchase from to offer them a loyalty/reward program that consist of tailored discounts and customized offers specifically for them.

Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennial’s are aware that living in a technological advanced society means data can be shared and released to pretty much anyone, which is why they expect to see custom offers provided to them since they know vacation rental agency can easily access their data.

Why is this important to homeowners? Fortunately, you as a secondary homeowner don’t have to lift a finger or pay a single penny to obtain this valuable opportunity. Simply by being with Nomadness Rentals we are constantly aware of the changing market trends and generational and consumer behaviors thus allowing us to provide our clients and customers with EXACTLY what they’re looking for and what they want out of a company they use regularly. This means, our guest retention rate increases as well as our referral numbers, which gives you more and more reservations. What more is there to like about a loyalty/reward program! It’s a win win for everyone.
Stay tuned to Nomadness Talks to early updates on the launch of this new addition. In the meantime, use code: SNOW25 when booking you winter vacation with Nomadness Rentals today! CLICK HERE to view full discount details.